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Custom Molds

Custom Molds

Your Price: $650.00
Email for complete details
Part Number:CMOLD
Custom lead and or soft plastic molds start at $795.00, Call or email for a complete price quote.

How does a custom Mold process work.

1. We talk about what you want.
You are the bait designer, if the bait doesn't perform how you designed it. It is on your tab. If You want me to design the bait itself and bear the burden of its action etc. Quadruple the price!!

2. We bill you for the mold. New customers pay 100% up front.
Previous customers pay 50% down, Balance when it is ready to ship. After 30 days of completion, you forfeit deposit and design if not paid. Unless we make arrangements otherwise.
"We do not do any drawing until deposit is received" This is what you are paying for, several hours of cad time, programming, shooting test baits, and cutting the final product.
"This is always per my discretion"

3. Depending on the agreement prior to.
We exchange pictures etc until you approve the drawing.
We cut a sample mold and shoot a few baits for testing.

4. We offer one minor revision to the bait. Each revision there after is Billed at minimum $100.00, If it is my fault this fee is waived.

5. Upon final approval we cut cavity's agreed upon prior to. Or supply only the test cavity.

6. Final Payment is made, Bait is shipped. We carry no burden of any patent infringements etc. Once we cut it it is 100 percent yours, and any burdens that may come along with it.

7. If the bait doesn't manufacture acceptably, we stand behind that 100%, to the original buyer only, and upon our examination of the mold itself.

Custom manufacturing of molds is a timely process, It is also expensive. So when I give you a price, do not be shocked that it doesn't carry Chinese pricing as well.

We are currently running about 8 weeks behind, we do not promise dates. Were pretty good at beating our quoted time frames tho.

Thank you
Baitjunkys LLC